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Alain Pitous

Alain is now a senior Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) consultant. Passionate about the stock market and investing, Alain began his career with a broker in the 1980s. He then joined Société Générale Asset Management (SGAM) as a bond manager in 1988. He then held several management positions: discretionary management, diversified management, equity, and fixed income management. He joined the executive committee of SGAM in 2002 and Amundi from 2009 to 2014. Eager to give meaning to investment, Alain has gradually specialized in ESG. First, he pioneered responsible investment at SGAM by launching one of the first ESG funds in 2002.
At Talence Gestion, where he was Managing Director for 5 years, he launched the Talence Epargne Utile fund. At OFI Asset Management, he was Director of ESG and transformed the company so that all the funds were ESG compliant.